Bobbie Troy 

A Friend

By Bobbie Troy

a friend

is someone who smiles

when you meet

who listens to your challenges

and triumphs

who gives willingly

and without demand

who leaves you feeling warmer

after a conversation

or a hug

or a kiss

a friend is someone

who is there

when you need them

and when you don’t



By Bobbie Troy

family is a mixed bag

of duty and love

of sharing and caring

of liking or not liking

siblings or parents

of knowing or not knowing

each other and what is in

our hearts

at family get-togethers

there is not enough time

to sit and visit with each person

I remember fondly

only fleeting greetings

and food shared

lots of photos and memories

but I wonder

is this enough?

we cannot do it over

only cherish what we had

and have

and maybe improve


going forward

in the end

family is family

no matter what


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5 Responses to Bobbie Troy 

  1. Fran Cecere says:

    Bobbie, you have done it again. Two simple but real poems which tell a story in a few well-chosen words. Congrats.

  2. weakleyhollow says:

    I love ’em

  3. Dawn C Latham says:

    “A Friend” really touched my heart

  4. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful poems, Bobbie. I love a friend being there when you need them & when you don’t

  5. bobbietroy says:

    Wow, thank you everyone. Good to hear from you Virginia friends!!

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