Harris Tobias

Three Margaritas

I was wandering the streets of El Paso

Looking for somewhere to think

I was angry and hurt

She was a tease and a flirt

I decided I needed a drink

I spied a rundown cantina

Inside it was dingy and drab

I felt like a fool

As I pulled up a stool

The bartender asked what I’d have

A margarita I answered

It was her name and her fault

It was a bad time

So tequila and lime

Some Cointreau and plenty of salt

I just had my first margarita

I’m not sure it’s easing my pain

Maybe another

Will help me recover

And I’ll start feeling happy again

The bartender was a young woman

She pointed to my empty glass

I smiled she poured

While I casually ignored

Her perfectly beautiful ass

Another margarita I asked her

A little stronger this time

Sure thing she said mister

As she poured the heavenly mixture

Oh lovely tequila and lime

I drank my second margarita

I’m certain I’m feeling less pain

Maybe another

Will help me recover

And I’ll start feeling human again

By now I could feel my mood lifting

I was suddenly feeling less tense

Margarita I was sure

Was both the cause and the cure

By now it was making more sense

One more my dear girl I ordered

Your drinks have made me exalt

Please hold the lime and no Cointreau this time

And I’m sure I don’t need any more salt

Just pour me a shot of tequila

And leave the bottle right here

More sips of the nectar

And I’m sure to forget her

I’ve forgotten already, so there

I just had my third margarita

So by now I am feeling no pain

After three margaritas

I love all señoritas

And I am feeling my old self again

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