Harris Tobias

Hot Rod Race 

by Harris Tobias 

I marveled at the beauty of a 1940 Ford
Customized and gleaming and lovingly restored
It left two streaks of rubber when the gas pedal was floored I wish I was on board 

The 57 Chevy was a beautiful machine
Chromed and painted like in some magazine
When the driver revved the engine he made 500 horses scream Like something from a dream 

Next on the line and snarling was a 1930’s Dodge
Beautifully refurbished in some high tech garage
She was bored and stroked and boosted and fully turbocharged With an engine overly large 

The smoke and noise was deafening as they waited for the flag This battle was the reason fans had come to see them drag There can only be one winner, only one team gets to brag
All other ego’s sag 

The starting line presented a tense and smokey scene Waiting for the starting lights to switch from red to green When suddenly the world became one overwhelming scream The sound was so extreme 

First off the line the custom Dodge grabbed an early lead The Ford and Chevy left behind but were gaining speed The three drivers might as well have been a separate breed From physics they were freed 

The souped up Ford and Chevy were gaining fast
The Dodge’s lead was crumbling, it was too good to last Then the Dodge’s engine gave a lurch and then a blast Two cars roared right past 

It looked as though the engine in the Dodge had thrown a rod You could call it rotten luck or perhaps an act of God
But in a high performance race a breakdown’s not so odd
The Dodge had blown its wad 

Now the race was between the Ford and Chevrolet
Neck and neck and side by side neither car was giving way
The Ford then with a mighty thrust filled the Chevy with dismay Close but no hooray 

For the Ford the race must have seemed a nasty joke
It was the Chevy by a whisker, so close that no one spoke It should have been the Dodge but its veeblefetzer broke Racing’s all luck and smoke 

Some say a race is won by a driver’s skill
Some say when a race is lost that it is God’s will But in this world of racing it’s simply kill or be killed The loser pays the bill 

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