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Variety of Life©
By Jeanette Cheezum
November 9, 2013

Table of Contents
A Poem

Hungry Mornings and Thirsty Nights
A Song ©

The Stroke of Midnight
A Short story

By Jeanette Cheezum

After the storm
the peaceful sun
shines down on weary

Leaves cling like
bruised pearls, hidden
from fractured branches,
reflecting the will of
the town.

Loved ones pinned
under houses cut in half,
leaving familes alone to cry.

While furniture’s left to dry.
empty boats flee across the bay.

Another hurricane claims
victory on the east coast.

What entices us to stay?
Always hoping for the
next sunny day.

Hungry Mornings and Thirsty Nights
By Jeanette Cheezum

Baby on the way, but can’t stay.
Too busy running the roads, not enough time to play.

Money in the pocket spends like water. Booze in the gut
doesn’t clear the head. She’s found me in someone
else’s bed.

Hungry mornings and thirsty nights. One sided love
and two sided fights.

Big tears on a sweet face. How did she find this place?
She’s all mine and that baby too; straighten up now
that’s all I can do.

Hungry mornings and thirsty nights. One sided love and
two sided fights.

One more drink will make things better. Gotta get home
before she wakes. I’ll shower and shave, slip into bed
making promises to behave.

Damn! (The sound of tires screeching)

Speed around the curve could make me dead.
Flying in air it’s all a thrill, why can’t I correct that wheel?

Hungry mornings and thirsty nights.
One sided love and two sided fights.

Baby’s on the way and she’s all alone.

Jeanette Cheezum 10/23/2012

The Stroke of Midnight
By Jeanette Cheezum

Sophia was no Cinderella; her life wouldn’t turn around before midnight, because she couldn’t behave. There was always another sucker to take the place of the last one as she slipped away.
The roulette tables were full and the slot machines sung just enough to keep the customers interested; after all that’s what casino life was all about. The size 44 C’s across the table projected nicely under cashmere and sequins. Not realizing how much she would help Sophia. Not too many men tonight would concentrate only on the table without drooling over her and that’s when the ritual would begin.

With great deliberation, Sophia planted herself on the other side of any man that sat next to or stood behind the perky 44’s. Actually when they got as close as possible without rubbing against the blonde that’s when Sophia pinched their billfolds, and money clips.
The drunks were the marks of choice or the homely guys praying for someone to sleep with tonight, fixated on a possible invitation of the 44’s, always the 44’s.

Tonight’s take would finally get Jamie’s hospital bills paid in full. Maybe Sophia could breathe a little. She had only taken a few nights off in the past six months between working or sitting and sleeping by her son’s side. She was exhausted. God, she wished the words of the police that night would go away. “Mrs. Davis, I’m sorry, but your husband and son have been in an accident. The car was totaled and your husband didn’t survive. We’ve taken your son to Mercy General where I understand you work.”

Sophia leaned in one more time and lifted a small leather clip. She’d leave now before her collection spilled out of her Frauda soft top bag that stayed snug to her right side. No one at the tables paid attention to her. She bet small, said nothing and dressed matronly with the wig of the night always covering her forehead.

Knowing cameras were everywhere Sophia made her way to the parking lot never stopping on the way. Not even taking the time to remove the cash once she was safely in her old van. The traffic on Las Vegas Blvd. was light and she couldn’t wait to get back to her home.

The smell of stale cigarettes clung to her wig and sweater. However, she kept imagining the smell of booze. The kind that seemed to seep through the pores of some of the drunks that came to the hospital. Her stomach felt queasy as the van stopped in her driveway.

Suddenly, from nowhere an arm slipped around her neck. “Don’t scream!” The grip became tighter.

“I won’t, what do you want?”

“You!” He eased off a little. “Come around the seat and get back here next to me. Don’t do anything stupid. I have a blade that would cut you into pieces in seconds.”

“My husband is inside; he’ll come out to check on me.”

“You better hope not. Besides, where is his car?”

“He rides a motorcycle, it’s in the garage.”

“Then we better hurry.” He laid the knife down beside him and reached for her bag. “What do we have here?” He opened the bag and ran his hand through its contents keeping her in his view at all times. “Whew-wee, jackpot.”

No not the final payment to Mercy. “Please don’t, I have to have that money.”

“Me too!” He shoved her. “Take off your clothes. It’s my lucky night.”

She shuddered and tried to think fast. Looking how far she would have to leap to open the door and jump out. Damn, she had locked the door.

His large smelly hands grabbed both sides of her face. “I could snap your neck.”

Her brain swam with ideas, but none of them would work.

He reached for her slacks and snatched her closer, “lie down and take your pants off before I cut them off with you in them.”

Slowly, she obeyed; waiting her chance, constantly hoping for the perfect solution. “Do you have a rubber?”

“No!” He reached out again.

“Okay, okay.” Sophia tugged at her pants leaving her shoes on so she could stall.

“You’re trying my patience.”

“Let me sit up! So I can do this properly. I don’t want to be hurt. I’ll undress and you can get the full picture and I will make you harder.”

He sat back to wait for whatever came next.

She removed her wig slowly, then threw it close to him; slipped off her shoes and slacks each time getting them in a neat pile. The Bobbie pins in her hair were removed one at a time and she softly hummed a lullaby. Hoping he would pass out or become hypnotized.

He unzipped his pants and began breathing heavily.

Good. She played with the sides of her thong running her fingers back and forth in small strokes.

“Take them off,” He whispered.

She got on all fours and moved closer to him. He was mesmerized and that’s exactly what she wanted. She touched his shoulder and gently pushed him down. “I like it on top.”

He smiled.

Sophia remembered how she had used this technique years ago while putting herself through nursing school.

She threw one leg over his hips and just as it landed she scooped the knife up and plunged it into his neck repeatedly.

Jeanette Cheezum 2012

Pushcart nominee, awarded The Helium Network’s Premium Writer’s Badge and a Marketplace Writers award. Also placed in The Top Five Crime Short Stories Of 2010 By Paul D Brazill. Jeanette’s work has been published on several online writing sites and in print. She’s published in Fifteen Anthology books and four books of poetry. Three of these books have made the New York Times Best Sellers list. Recently she’s published thirteen e-books for Barnes and Noble and Amazon for children and general adult audiences.
You may see where some of her work is published on the members page at http://www.hamptonroadswriters.org her personal email is jcheezum@cox.net




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