E-Chaps-John Kaniecki One and Two

Cantos (The Lost Cantos of Life)
Chapbook Two

By John Kaniecki

Canto 1

Poetry without a word
The look in your eye heard
Gently I kiss your lips
Slowly we sway our hips
In and out, out and in
Where do you end and I begin?

Canto 2

My name to put with others
A book massive speckled with dust
Thousands of unknown lovers
I hope it is more than lust
For I open to you my soul
I invite you into my life
Abandon your will yet gain control
Won’t you come and be my wife
From the affairs of the heart
I’ve never know success
And that alone tears me apart
Plunging my mind into dark distress
Ah to kiss her lips so sweet
To hear her gentle heart beat
Can you relate you person unknown
Can you share my restless moan?
For though my words seduce
To all the people who will hear
I still say what’s the use
Without the one I hold dear
In sadness which all can relate
The hour is not over though it’s late
Good things come to those who wait
The truth of it I cannot debate
And wait I have, yes indeed
You will know if I succeed
For this book is my reflection
It speaks of all my affection
And for a moment that is this
I show my horror and share my bliss
With weighty words genuine and true
A gift from me given to you
Alas together in my bitter grief
I know not you and your relief
Are you as the one I love dear
Whom I adore whom I fear
Yes in terror I picture her face
In agony my heart does race
For when you love beyond yourself
As I Love her more then I am
When you’re through I’ll go on the shelf
If you do or don’t give a damn
She is real yet not here
And you are genuine my reader dear
Why the difference I don’t know
Neither of you could I let go
Sadness is a bridge over pain
And tears are wholesome as rain
For man who does not feel
He cannot tell what is real
And tears are a sweet reward
More powerful then a savage sword
For a blade it can only kill
But gentle tears could break one’s will
Yet I pretend too be proud
To bitterly weep and wail aloud
Some are so serious they never smile
And these same people are in denial
Nor do these folks shed a tear
Even God himself they do not fear
Yet I will cry in darkest night
When I exist only in God’s sight
Yet the revelation I did share
To you dear reader are now aware
Do you think me less or perhaps more
Too lost to feel that’s what this is for
To strike the chord that’s common to all
To be understood by great and small
Yes for her I feel terror’s grip
See the tremor of my quaking lip
In fear also is the audition
Yes this fear has its suspicion
My love I’m afraid lovers we’re not
But in your heart I won’t be forgot
More then a well spent Monday night
More than the story of my plight
This is a poem this is a tale
If you had to think I did not fail
We are humans and share that bond
I hope that you will gladly respond
In summary I want you to know this
I have not a love but I have bliss
You who read this poem understand
On your shoulder I rest my gentle hand
Though we’ve never met we are one
But I must leave for my time is done
Do not cry and please feel not rage
If you need more than turn the page
And if you my love you perhaps may be
The one who is so special to me
This sonnet may it charm your day
And know I love you that I pray

Canto 3

You came and made a home inside my soul
I’ve loved you madly since they day we met
And though it’s been hard I have no regret
My troubled spirit who else could console
Who else could come and take subtle control
When you are near my troubles I forget
You are the ocean I want to get wet
To finish the race is every man’s goal
But with you near I have nothing to prove
I’ve already won, I need not compete
For it’s not by works only by grace
Yet in rapid movements my heart does move
It bothers me not this hellish heat
For the glory of God I run the race
Not for the prize but for devotion true
Oh my sweet Lord Jesus how I love you

Canto 4

When is the road too rough?
And when have I said enough?
What is the purpose?
Is the meaning deep
Or is it a circus
A thrill so cheap
Why is poetry at all?
Why some hear its call?
While others don’t hear
And mock and smear
If I could touch one soul
If I could brighten one life
That is my worthy goal
To rise above this strife
To warm one heart cold
With my story told
That would be worth any pain
If I could live not in vain
To create but one smile
It would all be worthwhile
The road is too rough
When you can’t go on
I’ve had said enough
When I’m gone

Canto 5

These words I use them well
For this tale that I tell
The masters before me
In poetic story
They have tried to express
Both how to curse and bless
But all that they can say
Though they try as they may
All is but a shadow
Of the things that I know
In this incarnation
Of grace and salvation
I have come to comfort
To Love you and support
Your tender fragile soul
To help make you now whole
And one day in some class
Waiting for time to pass
These words you will read
And if I do succeed
My hand firm and gentle
Will squeeze slightly your soul
And truly I am there
To answer your deepest prayer
That you don’t even know
If but to answer no
And now I shall address
Why the world is a mess
How with disease and pain
With futile wars insane
While babies starve to death
With their life but a breath
Life it seems so cruel
God, he must be a fool
Or perhaps lacking power
To help in this dire hour
But before you pass blame
And curse God’s holy name
Let me please now explain
Why God he does refrain
For in one whim of might
God he could set it right
Truly one day He will
We wait for that day still
But now it is today
And once we pass this way
In the mirror look deep
See the reason we weep
What have you ever done
To help to touch someone
You see such suffering
Yet all you do is nothing
What are you waiting for
Become part of the cure
There is so much to do
The world it waits for you
Your love is in great need
So in Love do a deed
Smile upon each other
See each man a brother
It is your life to live
To gain you need but give
You wait for a deed great
Forever then you’ll wait
A small step it’s begun
Say hello it is done
Give the vagrant a meal
Ask him ‘how does he feel?’
All this, this is not new
It’s what Jesus told you
The Bible it will train
It will speak and explain
And I firmly believe
What we give we’ll receive
You will reap what you sow
So open up and let go
But these words of wisdom
That so easily come
They are but a facet
Of the Holy Spirit
For God is beautiful
The soul is wonderful
Anarchy in control
Both the start and the goal
See the works of his hand
The universe so grand
The flowers, birds and bees
The tall mountains and trees
To ocean wide and deep
The dreams when we do sleep
But now to your surprise
I will open your eyes
To the finest thing ever true
That my friend it is you
A creation unique
It is to you I speak
You were designed in care
You’re an answer to prayer
Only you can be you
Just to yourself be true
You have purpose in life
To rise above the strife
But before you get proud
And shout glory so loud
Open your two good eyes
And then come to realize
Each member of the race
Why they are in your place
The servant he will rule
And the proud are a fool
The future will not wait
If you don’t love you hate
It’s feast or famine
It is virtue or sin
From the heart you will speak
Either proudly or meek
You are finer then fine
That a mystery divine
Hear the answer from me
It is your destiny
To live and to do good
Like as you know you should
And though you stand alone
Do not whimper and groan
Because God knows life’s hard
He will give a reward
And finally know this
That if the mark you miss
If you hate and destroy
And live in dark with no joy
Important as you be
You have done evilly
If you don’t walk God’s way
You will grow old and decay
And you will leave this place
Then you will see God’s face
Truly then you shall fall
For God, He gave you all
You were God’s greatest joy
Something you did destroy
Listen to what I say
Truly sinner you’ll pay

Canto 6

A clever man knows what to say
A pious man knows what to pray
Death must you always consume?
No man lives inside a vacuum
The standard the true weight
Is show by a man’s fate
Longevity life long and true
Why then that speaks well of you
But if a man is never to die
Then truly he spoke in lie
Perhaps not in elegance
But certainly not by chance
So read these words well
As my story they do tell
And as long as I’m alive
These words they’ll survive
For blessing or curse
For better or worse
It is but a point of view
And both sides they are true

Canto 7 (Thinking of Hypo)

Even a mountain goes under change
And as I see you it is all so strange
For yesterday in the moment I now live
The transcendental time to you I give
Flooded by memories and vivid sensations
Pieces of history give presentations
Like a play changing scene by scene
Each moment so special with Love in between
Let us forget any difference there may be
What was long ago is no longer me
Though the past does shape and mold
I pick the fond memories as I grow old
And I can see your smiling face
I am in a different place
Not the past for you are now present
Not the future but this very moment
I wonder if our path shall again cross
If they did not I’d count it as a loss
But it is a long time this eternity
And I say with absolute certainty
What you and I had my dear old friend
Once more we’ll meet before the end

Canto 8

It’s something too wonderful to know
Them voices they tell me that it is so
And no one believes so I am quiet
Perhaps the truth would incite a riot
But in the moment of the night still
When your presence reveals your will
No words could even begin to explain
And that my friend is the source of pain
Can a child speak unless he is taught
But all of man’s teachings come to naught
So here I am unable to express
And my mind is turned into a mess
It affects the very essence of me
If nothing more it has set me free
When they take everything all away
Then you can go without having to pay
Yet truly in every thought and act
Prove that the love you give is a fact
It’s a certainty that one day you’ll see
I am in God and God is in me

Canto 9

What can be done what can you say
When they come to take you away
And you pray to God Allmighty
That the neighbors won’t see

Canto 10

From the window I saw an eagle fly
Soaring in the heaven’s azure blue sky
Said my friend with pipe in his withered hand
The universe’s mysteries I do understand
My gaze lowered to view his wrinkled face
If I wasn’t high I would leave this place
But the Earth pipe he passed to me
And I inhaled then I did disagree
To admit omnipotence is a fatal sin
Humility is the place to begin
For knowledge alone solves no mystery at all
True understanding is answering God’s call
Then the wind whipped and sang a moan
And I understood, yes I alone
I looked upon the fool with great pity
How futile is the chase to infinity
Counting one by one is how they go
Me I simply divide by zero
It’s nothing special and nothing at all
True understanding is answering God’s call
The wine in my glass was once full to me
But long ago I have made the vessel empty
My friend was stoned and stoned I should be
For to some being high is heresy

Canto 11

The critic said to me
I’ve never seen such beauty
And in all my humility
I had to agree
For the sun does shine
And the moon also glows
And it is divine
What nobody knows
The secretes of the universe
The finality of the hearse
But you are not gone
Your words carry on
From the grave deep
You move me to weep
I know who you are
You are near and far
And if it shall be
Heaven is not fantasy
On the other side of time
Where life is a rhyme
And God is the poet master
In a place full of laughter
In that holy place
When I gaze on your face
Could you make of me
A line of poetry
Beautiful to behold
And pure never to grow old

Canto 12

The oyster shell I did cast aside
For not a pearl did it hide
But the meat was good to eat
And for a time it was a treat

A day’s weather what could it be
The wind and the rain felt by me
And of course the beautiful sun
Not elite but what’s done is done

The baby was before the man
And anarchy exists with no plan
What then shall we celebrate
That perhaps sages shall debate

Insanity such a gentle muse
Dangerous to touch delightful to use
Guiding poets speak though dead
I hear their voices in my head
Not with words that say to much
Still in communion we do touch

Be kind to me tomorrow’s history
Mark me as more than a mystery
What I am is what I be
My words I speak freely

Canto 14

In my private world oh so fine
Where love is not a crime
With friendship sweet and divine
In a place where I can rhyme
There I the poet dwell
Come and join me there
God he’ll hear your prayer
Even from the depths of hell

Have you a cigarette
Here is one for you
I truly regret
It’s all I can do

I am righteous to care
To love those who hate
For I am truly aware
All man God did create
And what would I be
To say to the Allmighty
The work of his hand
I have damned
Damned in word and deed
Those who are in need

Canto 15

I’m the flower that grew
From the seed planted by you
Hear as I softly explain
You have not labored in vain
And when it is my turn
I pray that I can learn
To give the all of me
And to give my all for free

Canto 16

The man’s clothes were dirty worn and torn
His hair was white as a winter morn
I was sitting on a bench in a park
When the man came up and did remark
“All my life I’ve chased the morning breeze”
“And when I do catch it I am at ease”
I said to myself ‘Who can conquer the wind?’
Not I so this is surely a grievous sin
I said my dear friend you’re just getting by
I am confident you are telling a lie
He looked upon me in a frigid gaze
He said son I’ve lived many a days
And by your answer I see you don’t know
The secrets hidden in both high and low
And the king he envies those carefree
And the peasant looks up to the monarchy
Me I once dressed fine with style
In the past I had money for a while
And I’ll admit it was my idol
But I lost it all and found my soul
I suffered yes I suffered hell
But my pain it served me well
Because when you reach the lowest low
You only have up for you to go
I said yes that’s one way for a person to see
Call it what you want it’s still poverty
He replied yes indeed yes indeed
I too chased the demon called greed
Yet here I am with just what’s on my back
But you know what nothing I do lack
With anger growing I hastily spoke
Take your freedom it’s a joke
He said son someday you will live to see
That I am you and you are me
I’ve no money but I am rich for sure
You’ve got money but you are poor

It was later I was sipping my wine
Thinking of everything that was mine
Outside my window I heard the wind blow
And I wondered where the homeless go
Where do they sleep and how do they eat
Where do they get clothes and shoes on their feet
I suppose everything it has a price
And I may have hell to pay for my paradise
I would chase the wind yes I would
But to be honest it would be no good
For the breeze it has no start or end
So I thought of my beggar friend
Perhaps every word he said was true
But then again what can I do
So I raised up my crystal glass
I took a sip and let the thought pass

Canto 17

These words set me free
These words make me a slave
Won’t you please remember me
When I am beyond the grave
Life is an endless chain
Pass love from father to son
And nobody no not one
Has a life without pain
Surely I feel hell’s fire
I suffer cause things ain’t right
And it is my desire
To turn darkness into light
So much words cannot say
Like the joy of a sunny day
Or the sweet blessed bliss
That’s from a lover’s kiss
For truly I will not die
I will rise to heaven high
And then you will all see
That today’s tomorrow is a memory
These words just cannot say
About that holy blessed way

Canto 18

His lips gently caressed her cheek
She tried but could not manage to speak
Tears swelled up in her eye
Why is it so hard saying goodbye

Day after day a more haunting face
Death could be seen creeping up so
We know God is good and full of grace
But still we knew father had to go

To make love once more this starry night
It won’t make it better but it must do
The dawn came his arms still held her tight
What was to last forever was through

Your such a loving mom sister said
Fifteen minutes later she was dead
A life of torment reached its end
Now we have broken hearts to mend

It was for the best they did agree
After all they were to be far apart
They would both want to be free
So spoke words far from the heart

In the coffin she looked at peace
Sometimes you’re just better off dead
At least all the agony will cease
So the last goodbyes were said

Canto 19

Eyes, why do they seem never to meet
You see me and then cross the street
Equality you agree that it’s something good
But not now not in your neighborhood
And for everything is a season and a time
But it’s been far too long for this crime

Canto 20

The preacher man with lines on his face, hair snow white
Standing at the pulpit he was fully in the light
My dear brother don’t you know it’s a sin
Hell is full of things that might have been
And in the pew in front of me a babe cried
The lesson he gave it could not be denied
I looked at the child and wonder what would be
Maybe a doctor, president or judge, maybe he’d make history
Then I thought, probably not, just an ordinary man
And I smiled, that too is wonderful in God’s plan
For just living life is a cause noble and true
You take what you get and you do the best that you do
Well the minister his voice was loud and clear
And the words he spoke filled me with cheer
Brethren you got to realize and understand
The more you’re given the more God will demand
I gave it all my heart and even my soul
The tears fled my eyes rapidly out of control
For deep in my mind the thought occurred to me
In my small way I have made God happy
For giving yourself is not a little thing
In fact giving yourself is really everything

Canto 21

Written on recycled paper to save a tree
A journal of his personal poetry
Thoughts he’d never would want to share
But still a desire to make us all aware
With cryptic tongue he does compose
Confusing us with what only he knows
The rarest secrets of the universe
They lay hidden deep in the verse
I now do quote from the sacred source
“Like a river true love takes its course
Always moving in peaceful tranquility
Filling forever the infinite sea
The sea of Love without end or start
In the deepest depth find my heart”
He has the truth and the holy word
But his voice will never be heard
His poems safe and secure in his book
Open only for himself to take a look
He could never expose his soul
The price to pay is too high a toll
So his book which could bless and save
Will be silent, secret to the grave

Canto 22

The heavens were a threatening gray
So the man took a detour to a café
He walked in despite the thin light
His eyes adjusted giving him sight
The place was empty as a barren womb
But still fairer then the heaven’s gloom
Past the vacant tables he sat at the bar
In the shadows he noticed a man with guitar
The barkeep said stranger welcome here
The stranger sighed and ordered a beer
The stranger asked can you play very well
The guitar man said let your own ears tell
Music flooded the room so ever so sweet
The stranger said ah good sir what a treat
The bartender applauded and called out loud
The two of them were a delighted crowd
The guitar man took a sip of red wine
He said I’m looking for a particular line
Something righteous but not too strong
It will finish my work on my song
The stranger spoke let me hear you play
It will cheer me on this dismal day
The guitar man tuned his instrument
Then he spoke words heaven sent
Love to me is the best of all
Like a light in a lonesome night
Nothing is sweeter than love’s call
Nothing fills me with more delight
Who could count the drops in the sea
Who could number great infinity
Who could reach heaven’s high
Who could live and never die
I tell you with certainty
If I had your love it would be me
Then the music stopped as if dead
It’s not quite there the musician said
Now I will give you your closing line
Tell me if you find it to be fine
Yes I could have it all it is true
But it would mean nothing without you
The barkeep spoke well done well done
Guitar man won’t you play another one

Canto 23

The attic so dusty and gray
With memories lost and hid away
The old varsity football jacket
A broken wooden tennis racket
The wedding dress torn and white
Then above it came to sight
It was a wooden case tiny
It was curious to me
So I opened it with care
A yellow letter was in there
To Abigail it was addressed
From ma to pa I guessed
Sweetest of sweets you are
My love knows no limit at all
You are a shining star
Into my arms you must fall
It’s bigger than me and you
It is love and love true
Love it is eternal
And love it is before all
Ever before time began
I was destined to be your man
So put down your guard
And don’t make things hard
It was signed your love true
Be still and know that I love you
I closed the box so gentle
And had a tear sentimental
I thought about my style
And I grinned a great smile
And thought that maybe someday
Some one will find hid away
These very words I now write
And on that chance that one might
Let me say with certainty
I love you and you love me

Canto 25

I see the light with my eyes
Is it sun set or sun rise?
Are you coming or are you going
Is there any way of knowing
Are you just a fantasy
Or are you a reality

In my tribulation I dreamed of you
I hurt so badly that’s all I could do
Still is night coming or is it to be day
I lick my wounds and I earnestly pray

I sailed on the sea of madness
In solitary solitude I knew sadness
Is that land on the horizon
Or it is simply another illusion

They say God is proper and just
And my only choice is to trust
That there was reason for the pain
That my suffering was not in vain

Not loving you is my one regret
For all forever I’ll never forget
Is it happiness or sorrow
Won’t you share my tomorrow

Canto 26

It’s like swimming upstream
But hey I can still dream
I’m getting nowhere real slow
But where else could I go
Work for some Wall Street firm
Transform from a man to a worm
To hell with that I’d rather die
Life is worth nothing living a lie
So I hope for an illusion
Is it fantasy or delusion
But yet I shall carry on
I’ll be famous when I’m gone
Though my rhyme’s not so clever
Still it will live on forever

Canto 27 (for Donna)

Mother died and you’re all alone with your Rosary
Wondering why has God abandoned me
You were always nice if a little slow
And the children they would tease you so
But there is a God I am certain
And I realize that you are hurtin’
And endless life of confusion and pain
With day after day bringing only rain
But the end isn’t here there’s still time to live
And perhaps God in His mercy shall forgive
For he knows your turmoil and sorrow
I pray for you and a better tomorrow
And Donna I look at you and I see
So many others like you in misery
May I be a friend to all those alone
To the multitude of people unknown
True love is something hard to find
Certainly most of the world has gone blind
The crowds all running in a sick race
Never really going to a particular place
They have their riches you have your poverty
But ask now you are a part of me
Feel the warmth of arms holding tight
O Donna, sweet Donna it’ll be all right

Canto 28

I open my soul
And despite my pain
I strive to the goal
That I must attain

Canto 29

Will you share
Your deepest prayer
That you dare not say
In the light of day

I’m a sinner true
But no worse than you
Say different you lie
So sad I can cry

So dark your fetish
Ecstasy my wish
For better or worse
A blessing or curse

When you think of me
Are your thoughts kinky?
Some one to lean upon
Do I turn you on?

Canto 30 (The final words on the matter for now)

I’m gonna kick the dragon in the face
Then I will go to heaven and leave this place
Have your celebration and rejoice that I’m dead
But when I arise remember the words I said
I am the wind I am the hurricane I am the gentle breeze
Don’t come a beggin’ don’t come a beggin’ please
Obedience is not a sin but I still feel I must hide
If I spoke plain I would surely be crucified
So take it as an art form and don’t get mad
Say this poor boy what a unique angle he had
Yes indeed I make you think, your brain reels
Yes laugh out loud but no else knows how it feels

The Conclusion

If God I was a mad man I’d be
But I’m not angry I’m not angry
I am just a man as you can plainly see
If God I was a mad man I’d be

Did you think? Did I challenge reality?
Could a man be god or god be a man
If Jesus did then other people can
If maybe to kiss a moment infinity
For a second to know true divinity
If God I was a mad man I’d be
So here my good friend is the conclusion
I certainly hope you enjoy my illusion
I will once again speak my lonely decree
If God I was a mad man I’d be

Some of the Cantos were published separately by Whisper Poetry Magazine.

John’s new anthology of science fiction stories.



John Kaniecki eChapbook One

A Day’s Weather
By John Kaniecki
December 29, 2013

Water of Life

A son, a son
I have a son
My wife has given
Birth to a living child
Someone to teach
Someone to reach
To show him all of life’s joy
My blessed little boy
Daddy I Love you
Yes it’s really true
I lifted my small one
My precious son
Rubbed my unshaven face
Next to his tender face
Great beauty, laughter
Brought by my little daughter
Dad I Love you
Yes it’s really true
So I lifted my girl
And gave her a gentle whirl
Oh how I Love you
Yes it’s really true
The eagle did rise
High into the skies
Fly, fly, fly away fly
Ever up on high
Past the reddish Mars
Beyond the distant stars
Fly, fly, away high
Ever on high
You are forever free
Just like the truth
Let it be free


Down the rains came,
Splattering heavenly tears
Mourning over sinful years
Mankind is still the same
Playing the part of the fool
Same today as yesterday
We cannot even obey
The simple Golden Rule

Hollow Echo of the Rain
I contemplate the child*
Starving in places wild
Tightened skin showing bone
Sad and solemn all alone
No sunshine in his day
No one is there to say
I love you
Terrible and true

The Water Washes

We are beasts

Like foolish cattle led to slaughter
While we revile in drunken laughter
They starve as we feast

The Dark Clouds

The peacock struts so proud
Singing his song out loud
Saying, “Look at me, look at me”
“Gaze upon my beauty”
Like Lucifer forgetting his place
He’s nothing without God’s grace

Can’t See the Sun

At the candidates debate
A noisy crowd gathers
The masses come to hear
Their leaders relate
What do the people get?
Routine speeches
From past preaches
Is there a solution yet
The politician searches his feeble mind
Searching for the right line
So he may shine
Rhetoric is so unkind

The Storm

A crash and rumble
Will the sky tumble?
Is it day or night?
All is black in sight
Lightning illumes the sky
A blaze from up high
Now the flash is gone
Darkness carries on
What a deep grave howl
Like a wailing owl
The trees are thrown down
Water floods the ground
Crash, Thum, Kerboom
Is it the time or our doom?
A pitter patter
What is the matter?

Lightning Strikes

The lion springs
His roar it sings
To the unsuspecting flock
They feel terror
All immediately attempt to flee
To a distant safety
But the young, elderly
And the lame
Are abandoned by those scattered in fear
The beast swiftly came
Already too near
There is one
His life is done
He withers about
In the lion’s bloody mouth
Slurp, crack, munch
The lion has his lunch
Red over his mane
As he starts the hunt again

Gentle Wind

God bless you please
Gentle breeze
A west wind whistles
Through the thick thistles
The fog has blown
We’re not alone
The clouds move
Just to prove
There is a simple change
Life can rearrange
So do not mope
There is hope


Hey will you be my friend
We’ll be loyal to the end
We can share our toys
Laughs innocent boys
They are guiltless when they
Forget their father’s way

Trembling Breaths

Colt arise
Open your eyes
Life has just begun
Soon you will run
Nuzzled by mother’s nose
How graceful a horse grows
Walking in but a day
Soon galloping on his way
Gittup, gittup and run
Life has just begun

Where Does It Blow?

United Nations
It takes such patience
See, the entire world come together
Blah, blah, blah
Yah, yah, yah
Well at least for the moment they’re
not killing one another

The Night

Clean as air
Sky everywhere
No more rain
Clouds have passed again
The breeze blew the fog by
Such beauty revealed on high
See the moon, the starry choir
In sweet harmony

Clear Night

Freedom of speech
All may preach
Trial by jury
All to be free


They gather around the fraternity table
All of them a bit shaky
Some outright flakey
But somehow together they are stable
Brothers each and every one
To share a bit of beer
In celebration they cheer
Poking fun over each other
It’s just fun brother to brother
In the end they will all awake
Each from a drunken state
Forgiving with no hate
All moaning with a headache

Sunshine on Saturday

Easy going
Let’s all sing
We’ll have a band to play
Picnic in the green grass
Good fried chicken
Finger licking
Watch the day slowly pass
Good friends around
Singing laughter’s sound
It reaches me

Blessed Brilliant Room

Your song is heard
You sing to me
Tweet, tweet, tweet
The melody is complete
Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp

The Day

Glowing ball of fire
Rising ever higher
Light glowing all around
It is brightness a simple sweet sound
Oh today, what a day
Let love come shine my way
Warmth all over my face
Wonders of God’s grace
Life from the sun you know
It makes everything grow
Come let us give God praise
For the wonderful days
The Light is a delight
Shining forever bright


Happy birthday
Today’s your special day
How old are you?
It don’t matter now

Here have a lift
This is your gift
It fits you just right
Why don’t you wear it tonight?
As we go out
And drive about
Very near or far
In your brand new car

The floods came and there was a drought
But it is not the same
Help was sent out
Gifts from about
Food to feed the poor
We’ll suffer no more

Thank you o’ so much
For a Loving touch
I think about the child
How sweetly he has smiled
His whole life to live
All his Love to give
Thank God for the child
Thank God for the child
Tears I silently weep
Tears of joy as I watch the babe sleep

The puppies suckled together
Receiving milk from mother
Warm, close, never to be alone
Comfortable in their happy home

Rejoice in the Rain

Ring the bell
The whole world I will tell
Today blessed is my life
For I now have a wife
One to share all my joy
We will build and not destroy
Our Love will grow
How I want her to know
I Love her so
On this joyous day
Praise God for all his Love
Praise the Lord high above
O the wonders I’ll tell
Ring the bell, ring the bell

The Sun Shower

Come and see the sun is shining
Yet water is showering
Behold this very great hour
We have a sun shower
The water cools me down
I have a smile and no longer a frown
Blue is the sky today
Happiness without delay

Redeeming Rain

The prodigal son took all and left leaving none behind
To search for glory, but what in lust did he find?
False friends and pleasures carnal that did not satisfy
So in hunger and poverty he gave out a cry
To return to his Father the son gave it a chance
The Father ran when he saw his precious one return
He killed the fatted calf and they partook of a merry dance
The lesson of forgiveness and redemption is one to live and learn

The Rainbow

What could be better than this?
A day filled with overwhelming bliss
Look up in the heavens with a glow
There lies a glorious rainbow
Sevens rays a colored delight
Fills my heart with unending light


We are children
All of one kin
Gathered we came
To praise his name
Songs of joy in our voice
Greatly we rejoice
Hallelujah praise Jehovah
Praise the Lord Hallelujah
We knelt to pray
In thanks for the day
We ate the bread and wine
Proclaiming the Lord is mine
And proudly we declare
The Lord is near


God is Love
Love is the most excellent way
Love is patient
Love is kind
It does not envy
It does not boast
It is not proud
It is not rude
It is not self-seeking
It is not easily angered
It keeps no records of wrongs
Love rejoices with the truth,
Always protects, always trusts, always preserves
Love never fails
What more can I say unto you
Then may God greatly bless you


5 Responses to E-Chaps-John Kaniecki One and Two

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  2. vision791 says:

    After you read John’s Chapbook, you may want to read his pingback above. Very interesting interview and some outstanding poems.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Loved the Cantos. Simply beautiful.

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