Submission Guidelines

Cavalcade of Stars is accepting poetry, flash and short story submissions up to 1,000 words. Always back up your work. Please edit and send your submissions along with a short bio in the body of an email to

Subject: Submissions

Use 12 Times New Roman.

Double space in Word for stories and single space for poetry.

Thank you,

Jeanette Cheezum


16 Responses to Submission Guidelines

  1. Coming East says:

    Jeanette, Lauran wants me to interview you about your blog for the next HRW newsletter. What’s the best way to reach you? You can send me an email at Thanks, Susan Okaty

    • vision791 says:

      Interview: Susan Okaty

      1. What was the impetus for starting Cavalcadeofsstars?
      I felt so much excitement when published that I wanted to give others the chance to feel the same. My thoughts were to give the reader a variety of things to read. Cavalcade gives the writer a chance to showcase their poetry, short stories, flash and nonfiction. As time has gone by I decide to add e-chapbooks.

      2. Did you research other similar blogs, and if so, what did you find?
      I have written and commented on several blogs that have impressed me. I decide to design a simple easy to read site that people could get involved in. Possibly one they would like to add their work to. So far, it has worked quite well.

      3. Who are your contributors?
      Established writers from all over the world and closet writers that have written for a while but never tried to get out there.

      4. Are you the sole judge of what gets accepted, or do you have help?
      I am the sole judge.

      5. What criteria do you use when selecting what goes on your blog?

      6. I like to have something for everyone. Not only do I want Cavalcade to shine, I want the authors to do the same.

      7. What guidelines do writers need to follow in order to submit work to your blog?
      Cavalcade of Stars is now accepting poetry and short story submissions up to 1,000 words. E-Chapbook submissions up to 5,000 words. Please send your submissions along with a short bio in the body of an email to Check the submissions page for formatting. Please remember no “F” bombs.

      8. How important do you think it is for a writer to have a platform?
      If you’re Stephen King it’s done. Online presence is very important today. I took Lauran Strait’s critique class for about four years, and as she always said “If you don’t play the game, you can’t win.”
      Everything she suggested in class, I tried. She and my husband gave me the courage to do so.

      9. What kind of traffic do you get on your site?
      I have been very pleased at the traffic my site has had. Authors, writers, agents and readers from all over the world.

      10. How do you plan to increase traffic on your site?
      Continue to publish and advertise on Facebook and sometimes other sites. After I began on January 2011 things just took off. Most people don’t comment and but I see the stats. At this time I think I will use the K I S S method.

      11. Are you satisfied with your blog as it is, or do you have plans for it?
      Every once in a while I get an idea to add something new, but the readers seem to like it as it is.

      12. I understand you have seven e-books on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Do you intend to add more?

      Yes. I am in the middle of my fifth novel. I’ve written two children’s books, a short story book, four novels in which three of them are a trilogy, but each of those three stand alone. I have also been lucky enough to be published in thirteen anthologies, and four poetry books. I can’t suggest enough to get out there.

      Thank you for your time, I hope to see you at the conference,

      Jeanette July 22, 2013

  2. Thanks, Susan. I’m honored.

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  4. Should poetry be double spaced?

    • vision791 says:

      I have found that poetry can be single or double spaced. I leave that to the author. Sometimes double spaced makes more of an impact, and is easier to read.

  5. bobbietroy says:

    Very exciting about the e-chapbooks!! Can they consist of previously published work? May we include artwork as a pdf file?

  6. Anonymous says:

    You may use any of your work just find a spot at the end and give the first place published per title.
    Make sure they return the rights to you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bobbie, I just made the previous comment. I hadn’t signed in.


  8. Dear Editor,

    May I know whether you accept previously published poems? Thank you.

    Indunil Madhusankha

  9. vision791 says:

    Yes, Indunil Madhusankha.

  10. Ken Allan Dronsfield says:

    Well come on March 2018!!!!!

  11. Larry Schug says:

    I’m bit confused about the chapbooks on your site, especially because I don’t do amazon, facebook or a lot of other virtual stuff. Is there any compensation involved, such as from the number of hits on a particular chapbook–not that that matters, this is poetry in 2019 after all and I realize the reality. In other words, what do I get out of it and what do you get out of it? Do rights to the poems return to the author after “publication”? What is the wait time for response and/or publication? I guess I’d just like to know more about the entire process. Meanwhile, thank you for what you do for the written word and its writers.
    Larry Schug

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